Better Business Bureau Torch Award
Marketplace Ethics

In 2003 Canteen Service of Steel Valley received the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics for its honesty, integrity, excellence, and ethical standards. With our commitment to our customers, suppliers, community, and industry, Canteen Service of Steel Valley continues to practice this as a minimum standard of conducting business.

According to the Better Business Bureau,
“The Torch Award is designed to promote not only the importance of ethical business practices, but the willingness and efforts made by outstanding businesses to ensure that our country’s marketplace remains fair and honorable for all Americans. The award:

Recognizes outstanding businesses for their commitment to maintaining a culture which consistently set exceptionally high standards of behavior in buyer and seller relationships;

Illuminates the importance of corporate conscience and responsibility in fulfilling a company’s obligation to the marketplace to do what is right and fair;

Demonstrate to the business community that adhering to Better Business Bureau ethical standards is the hallmark of successful, competitive companies.”