Canteen currently provides commissary services to more than 70,000 inmates across the United States through our Secured Delivery System (SDS). Our local management team will work with you to develop a commissary program that meets your specific facility and population needs. When you work with Canteen, you'll enjoy the benefits of a delivery system that reflects our unwavering commitment to providing profitable, secure, efficient and reliable programs.
We understand that a commissary program is much more than snacks and personal items - it should serve as a source that funds other programs and initiatives. Our superior purchasing power - supported by our parent company's worldwide network and resources - enables us to provide brand name merchandise at lower prices. This translates into more variety for residents and higher participation.
Because security is your number one priority - and ours - we maintain strict procedures to safegaurd every aspect of the commissary process, from warehouse to delivery to distribution. All orders are placed on secure trucks, transported under close scrutiny to your facility, unloaded under supervision and distributed and tracked electronically.

Nothing is overlooked. We use clear, tamper-proof plastic to ensure that nothing is concealed in commissary bags, as well as clear personal items and electronic devices that prevent concealed contraband. Strict rules regarding safe behavior and fraternization between inmates and staff are maintained to ensure the safety of both.
Canteen leverages proven processes and advanced technology, including proprietary SDS software, to automate order entry and processing. Our inmate accounting system streamlines check writing, payroll, deposits, co-payments and property management. SDS software also enables corrections personnel to restrict items based on an inmate's classification or housing, and offers the latest in scanning and vending point-of-sale technology. These processes, procedures and technology ensure the accurate and efficient management of the day-to-day operations of your commissary.